Vote incentive?

"Whoa, wait, they have a vote button?"
Yes, we do. The more you vote (or donate!) the more of a reason you give Chelsee to neglect job, school and personal hygiene to work on this comic. She needs your support, in the form of clicking. Or even better, making some kind of comment about her art. Comments are like crack for artists. Uh. In a good way.
Or just give her some money; everyone likes money, and paying your way through art school with no financial support makes one appreciate the greenbacks even more, if only for their rarity value. Chelsee is one of the three people in the universe who actually likes pennies. I take this to mean that she requires funding; but she might also just be twisted like that. We'll probably never find out for sure.

If you're having trouble viewing the '4th of July'-themed vote incentive, let us know so we can try to fix it.


  1. geez, it took me a minute to figure out how to post a comment. Any way, i will be voting my brains out for you...... love the face in the second panel! your coloring is kick ass as well.

  2. Yeah, Votey image no workey. There was a single pixel that was labelled as the image, but that was all.