Incentive Bedlam

Happy American Holiday!

Silly, I know, and I'm not even much of a holiday person, but if there's one celebration I can really get behind (aside from Thanksgiving, where the whole point is to eat one's self into a blind stupor) it's a holiday devoted to blowing things up.

This image was meant to be the TWC voting incentive, but since ComicGenesis seems to be fighting me on this whole hosted-images-viewed-from-other-sites thing, I'm going to post it here for all to see, so I don't feel like a rat.

I'll work out the bugs and put up a new incentive soon.

In the mean time, thanks so much to the people who clicked! If I'm really lucky, maybe a few of you will click even with the incentive down until I can get my sorry act together >_<.

Until later!


  1. Was this picture... supposed to be terrifying?!

  2. ER... not intentionally terrifying. Just, um. It would BECOME terrifying should that man come across sparklers.