Moving day blues...

Sorry guys, this week has been moving week as we switch apartments, so there wasn't any time to get the page finished!

Check back next week!


I'm sorry I let you down, Lew...

Hey, guys. Obviously, the page didn't get done this week. I did post the lineart for the first panel, adding Lew's judgemental thoughts to the mix.

My family came out from Omaha(no, really) and visited me in Philadelphia, and then together we all cavorted down to DC for some good old fashioned blood-bonding. I made some pretty rad sketches of dead things while down there - I'll post them tomorrow to make a better update for this week.

*rubs at her eyeballs*


New Page! and...

Ah, it feels good to be updating FH again. I was getting to really miss Lew and his fish hand...

Alright, though. Pleasantries aside, there' s a situation I've now come to find myself in. And that is... unemployment. My current job has now dried up and since there's no way to go but forward I'm lining up my ducks to decide where I want to go from here. What I'd really like, more than anything, is to be able to duck out of mainstream grunt work altogether and push into art full time, part of which would involve kicking FH up into a full-time position in my schedule. This would include not just pages but other types of incentives as well as... y'know. Merch.

It is still yet early... And I want to see what sort of update schedule I can settle into for pages.

But hmm. Hmm....

Sneak Peak! Update later today...

We're in the process of moving homes so the page will have to be finished a little later today. But as you can see, it's almost done!

News to come with the actual update.


Gallery update!

I did a major overhaul of the gallery section! Unfortunately, it was all I could do to get even this much of an update ready for this week. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting out of school... Anyway, I hope you'll have fun looking at the random pretty pictures I posted and have just a little more patience with me in the mean time...


Wot? No comic?

Another of the all-too-common skip weeks, I'm afraid. I'm sure everyone will live.
However, Chelsee and I are working on stuff to populate the rest of the site with (part of the reason this comic's late), so we should have some more interesting stuff for you to read and look at soon. That is, if you like made-up folkore and background information.
Let's just say you do.
Thanks so much for being patient with us!


Small Content Update

The update is going to have to be smaller this week- sorry guys!

I've gone through and fixed the multiple broken links in the navigation bar (even if it means I had to put up a few "Coming Soon!" place markers >_<.) However, these pages actually ARE coming soon - I just need to organize a lot of the information.

Of the pages risen, I've included a Commission page for people interested in my work ^_^.