Just a little bit longer...

So. I realize that this is possibly the longest it's ever taken for an acorn to fall from a tree, but the new page is almost done and should be up shortly.

Pacing, people. That's what we're talking about.

Also, as a born cynic, I'd like to say that DISNEY WORLD IS SO MUCH FUN. Environmentally questionable, completely engineered and outrageously exploitative it may be; but damn, are they good at what they do. Even Little Miss Detail-Oriented Braid Girl (see her filler sketch) was impressed. Chelsee and I got back with our heads stuffed full of new ideas and our pockets completely drained of cash. We may also have lasting spinal damage caused by going on the Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest approximately 550,000 times.

Hopefully, our future paralysis and past loss of wealth (and misplaced possessions, in my case) will be your gain as we make this story even more interesting.
I know, who could believe it, right??

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